I cannot understand why people are so fixated on tone and bitterness in my words. I’m not bitter. I’m tired. Wouldn’t you be bitter and tired if generation, after generation, after generation of your family members were treated racistly and ignored, told be nice, told not tell stories with emotions, asked why I don’t provide solutions for problems I didn’t create, etc. Phil, you’re literally asking the victim you don’t press upon the perpatrators. That’s unfair.

THIS makes me bitter.

I am so tired of being treated like crap and then being told to not have feelings. Why is it that everyone in the world can express anything they want to any way they want to except Black people, especially Black women. I’m exhausted and changing mindsets is impossible if we can’t even have a conversation without White people addressing their feelings which essentially recenters Whiteness and is yet another form of nice racism.

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