I can’t wrap my head around it either. Sometimes I think the psychological of Americans is an experiment. Somewhere, someplace people are creating propaganda to see just how far we’ll go to kill ourselves and to see just how many people lack common sense. It is indeed mind-boggling.

Yesterday I was in the post office and there was a long line due to social distancing that extended outside. The man decided to cut infront of folks, including an elderly white woman and standing really close a younger Latin woman who told him he was violating the social distancing order on the door. He grumbled, and didn’t move. He had no shame.

The woman asked him again to move and he didn’t, so she did. I was glad she stood her ground, but at the end of the day the same two things happened when dealing with White folks, in particular, White men.

The Latin woman moved but she was pissed as all of us non-White folks in line were. We Black and Brown folks are always moving to protect ourselves from the anger, rage, and disrespect of White men when we have a right to be still, stand our ground, and take care of business free from duress.

He disrupted the place with his presence. He made a scene, disrespected a senior-citizen White woman who is in his social/racial group, invaded the mandatory social distancing space of the Latin woman, and showed us who in that brief interaction how he walks in his superiority. He broke the rules.

It’s all disgusting. This virus has opened our to the lengths White people go to exert their privilege.

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