I clapped through this entire essay sir. You have preached the election of 2020 in a nutshell. I am sitting here with my arms folded shaking my head at how folks underestimate White people. The Democratic Party is as racist as the GOP. They refuse to address the racism in liberal and progressives that drive those White folks to vote GOP election after election. Not only that, a significant number of immigrant POC are racist and/or neocapitalists so they vote GOP too. Not a peep from Dems.

Let's not get started on how they never make a play for the courts like the GOP. If it's left up to Republicans and Trump, they'd bring slavery back. Because White people have never experienced this, they have no concept of how close we are to living in Aparthied or worse being enslaved.

Representational politics ain't worth a damn! Who cares if the party looks diverse if the power structure remains white and old. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton represent White feminism. It's White patriarchy with heels. It's so obvious. When you look at the top of the Democratic Party, it's old White and mostly female now. This year will reveal for the 9,789,435,555th time America is racist and incapable of changing because White people won't change.

Because White people don't know or refuse to acknowledge they don't know us (Blacks and POC) or themselves we will never be free of Trump or the people who make his ignorant ass possible.

The fact we have to prep White people is also off putting for me. America is a hot-mess Herbert. You put it all out there for the blind to see.

This is excellent, and depressing!


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