I could feel you struggle with this one Stephen. I was an Evangelical until 2008. For the reasons you’ve noted I stopped going to church altogether. With the rise of Obama I saw what the Evangelical church was all about. There were other little things I had overlooked, but as it got more apparent a Black man would win the White House, racist Evangelicals at my church couldn’t hold their stuff together. The things they said about a Black man they didn’t know told me exactly how they felt about my 3 teen sons who attended the church along with my now ex-husband. I couldn’t pull myself out of the bed on Sundays for almost a year. My soul was grieved. The Evangelical church has always been racist but they tried to extend an olive branch so I reached out and accepted it. They totally turned me against Western religion. I couldn’t make those types of concessions any longer.

I’m always glad when White people see the light about the Evangelicalsand Southern Baptists, but my God I keep wondering why does it take so long for White people to connect the dots. I’m happy the blinders are off and I hope you find peace and a new church home. I can’t bring myself to do it anymore.

Best wishes.

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