I couldn’t give this enough claps. Today’s entitlement and parent enabling is disgusting. I see this entitlement everywhere and the excuses made for it is absolutely disgraceful. I think parents should be charged with child abuse who refuse to parent their kid and those who don’t teach their kids the principles or reaping and sowing. If you’re working (which school learning is a sort of work), you should earn what you get. Employers aren’t going to give them anything. Neither is the world. You wonder why we have such sad and depressed kids — tie it back to poor parenting and a lack of discipline.

All parents care about today are good grades. They don’t seem to comprehend forget they are grooming a rotten apple for the world to be tormented by. Nobody one will love your kid like you will (literally).

Groom little people that other people will want to be around, not little people folks will feel sorry for and hate to be around.

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