I cry too. There are so many pervs riding around scooping up little Hispanic girls and boys it’s pathetic, yet no one reports it. Partly because the parents are illegal, and partly because they aren’t blond as you duly noted. It’s so hard to imagine, but that’s the impact of not having diversity and representation in newsrooms everywhere. Kids of all colors go missing and get killed, but if it’s a boy, or a child of color…no one even cares.

I saw the little baby go missing in NC after the floods, but you can barely get a coherent story on it because everyone is consumed with the Supreme Court drama. We are such a mess. I believe America is going to have to give an account one day for not taking care of its poor and its children, for robbing its citizens and for the exceptionalism lie that has swindled so many of us of our few riches.

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