I disagree. We don’t walk around wanting to exact revenge and we don’t have vendettas but I’m sure there are some people who would do this. For the most part, we understand when we all do well, it’s better for society. Pain is not the proper word. Equity will certainly be painful for Whites, because it means sharing power, wealth, and less financial resources for them. It means otherness has an opportunity to own property, buy homes, get better jobs without being discriminated against and so forth. If that’s pain, then yes, Whiteness will experience pain. When other races are able to make it, they tend to bring others in their group along because they understand how difficult it is to make it, much like Whites.

It shouldn’t be seen as losing or gaining, it should be viewed as leveling the playing field. White Supremacy even prevents the thought of this event, let along making it happen.

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