I do not speak on race issues outside of the US because I have never lived any place except America, and my experiences with immigrants here in America are the only glimpses on the impact of Whiteness and White Supremacy abroad. The few tiny Black islands I’ve traveled to in the Caribbean deal with the same issues as the U.S. Segregation, tourist microaggressions, racism, inequality, etc.

You’d have to take an inventory of racism where you are in the world to see if such attitudes and conditions apply. Not just you personally, but examine every institution, system, the laws, and observe who is in charge of everything vital to sustaining the people. Who rules? Why are things the way they are? Have minorities been prohibitied from coming? Look at your workplace. Is it all White? If so, why? Where does your nation’s wealth come from? Did it engage in the slave trade? How are Black and Brown minorities treated? Do you have non-White friends or family who can share their experiences in White spaces? Being able to answer these questions may help you answer your own question.

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