I don't believe they have the capacity or desire to change collectively because they have nothing else to stand on or support them if they did.

If you take away oppression, they have no one to make them rich. They'd have to admit they aren't the best, mediocre at best. They'd have to give back what they've stolen, and apologize for all the wrongs they've done. They'd have to face justice. The longer the resist these realities, the longer the list of sins. It's impossible to get them to go live amongst themselves, rule over themselves, go back to where they came from (they seem to have forgotten this isn't their country) and to leave others alone.

I have lived Whiteness, so has my dad and my grandparents. We can't shake it. White people collectively are inherently bad faith actors.

I keep going back to the group of preachers who wanted to live separately away from Whites because of their white rage and inability to live among Blacks peacefully. The same applies today. We've tried to work with White people; live with White people; go to school with White people worship with White people; govern with White people; and vote with White people. There is a continual effort to undermine our humanity.

This country was founded on racism, is driven my racism, and thrives on racism. There is always a need for a Black or Brown boogeyman to keep White folks raged and afraid. It's senseless. Many communities are tired of White people and want nothing to do with them. It's why the Native Americans govern themselves and their communities and want nothing to do with White people.

The same applies for other indigenous communities. They are all coming to the conclusion anything that comes from White people collectively is bad for Brown people collectively and they are working to divorce themselves from it by reclaiming their traditional indigenous ways of living to become more self-sufficient. It's not easy, but it will pay off in the long run.

It does require the financial support of White people/federal tax dollars to begin. I've been reading about these projects for years now and I'm saddened it's taken me so long to come to the same conclusion. It's impossible to live with White people because they will not change. They collectively are broken. I don't know what's wrong with them. I just don't know why they won't do something about themselves. I'm going to share some of the federal programs that are working I read for.

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