I don’t even understand why it’s so important for them to know if Blacks “support” Trump. He nor his party have plans to do anything for us. Their not going to stop predatory lending. Their not going to remove barriers for us to get jobs and better jobs (i.e stop checking credit reports, banning the box, etc.). Trump and the Republicans are not making banks pay fines for their subprime mortgage messes which put many Black families in foreclosure, in poverty and with good employment opportunities due to adverse credit histories.

Trump and the GOP have cut funding for education programs and supports which helped low-income, first generation college students going into STEM careers, and they’ve cut HIV funding for a population which happens to be the most infected group of people in America (Blacks). And for years, the GOP and Trump supported (policy wise and financially) in for-profit jails and prisons, which made their monies on the backs of poor Blacks and Hispanics.

I won’t even mention the hate they’ve stoked, and the danger they have put Black people in with their rhetoric. Those are just a few reasons why Blacks aren’t fooling with Charlie, Donald, Mitch, Paul, or anyone else in the GOP. The Black folks that support Trump are a minority. A very small one. The majority of Black people will NEVER support Trump his new found party or their lies!

We. Will. Never. Support. Them. They all are a danger to Black lives!!!! This includes the Black and Brown people who support them.

Even if all Black people don’t know the histories of the party, they don’t know the party of Orin Hatch, Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, Steve King, and Jason Lewis…we know know and feel collectively there is no love for Black people coming from that party. And the feelings are mutual.

Thanks so much for dispelling White lies by these fools. Your ally-ship is always needed and greatly appreciated.

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