I don’t have an issue with her age, nor do I want her to leave just because she’s old. I have an issue with her staying so long she prevents young people and people of color from learning and moving up the ladder, and her arrogance. It’s like it the old White guy has had his time, now it’s the old White woman’s turn. I’m sure she doesn’t need the money, she’s going to get that salary whether she works or not. Why can’t she teach young people in the party to lead? We need term limits. We also need humble leaders who believe it’s an honor to serve, and are humble. Nobody wants an entitled leader regardless of sex or age. Finally, let’s just say old people can be rude! I live in FL (a.k.a. heavens waiting room) and I see too many old people who feel like they can do whatever they want, acting as if rules and common decency don’t apply to them.

Cutting lines, blocking traffic, being rude in public places, not wanting to support young people (via taxes, better schools, etc.). Sometimes old people need a reality check. Old shouldn’t may mean you have some wisdom, but it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything. Nancy should go. Two terms is plenty.

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