I don’t see anything happening though it needs to. Trump has gotten away with too much for too long. There are too men people willing to cover him in the DOJ, and others who can’t blow the whistle because of their security clearances and fear of retaliation. Too many of the GOP are complicit, they’ve sold us out just like Trump too. They must all tow the line until the covers are off, or until their followers harm enough people to silence America. Justice took too long, and as good as Nancy Pelosi may be, she’s dealing with mental illness and something supernatural. Pure evil. It’s gotten stronger. It’s got gatekeepers. Trump’s going to destroy us like he destroyed Atlantic city.

My prediction is the House will vote to impeach, the Senate will not and won’t remove. Trump will remain in office, retaliate, put more people in office to protect him (why not, it has worked thus far), and we’ll vote in 2020 only for him to steal the election (again).

The only way Trump will leave office is if we stop everything in America and take to streets all over the nation. No production. No work. No driving. Our strrets should look like Brazil, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Greece, Haiti. As far as the eye can see our government should see angry people asking Trump and Pence to leave.

But it will never happen because we think we are too good for that. We can’t go without our paycheck. We can’t sacrifice. We are selfish. Caring is about words, not actions. We love propaganda and we believe we can vote ourselves out of this. We cannot.

This is a civil rights marching moment, and most White people are missing it because they’ve always had them. This moment is bigger than civil rights though. This moment puts patriarchy, White power and White Supremacy front and center. Either you love it or you don’t.

It’s just that simple. The men in power today are corrupt. They’ve made their baseless and warrantless fears known. What are WE going to do about it.

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