I don’t think we need anymore charismatic leaders. The most evil people always start out as good looking, rich, charismatic, charming — I think we need to toss that criteria out of the window.

We need people who are forward thinking, thoughtful, truthful even when it hurts. We need people who aren’t afraid to fight for everyone and we need people who understand the urgency of equaling the paying field. I am grateful for the people who are able to make us laugh when we have nothing to laugh about. I love my people. We are resilient, hardworking, smart, and generous. Sometimes I get frustrated because they won’t fight, but I understand. They are tired. Who can blame them? But as long as those of us with voices and strength to use them, there is hope.

We have had many prophets come to us and speak truth like Gil Scot Heron. Malcolm, Martin, Medgar, the Black Panthers, Bob Marley…too many to name, to few to listen to the words they spoke.

The message is the same, the evil is the same, and nothing changes. I’m dreading the Mueller Report, and 2020. It’s quiet now. This is the calm before the storms.

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