I enjoyed this. We don’t know how to have real relationships because we have been taught wrong. Starting at home as children with false narratives by parents on what makes good relationships and marriages. They rarely gave their true thoughts on their dislikes, dissatisfactions, things they wished they could revisit (i.e. marriage, kids). Hurt people hurt people (intentionally or unintentionally). People with issues are always searching for things or people to make them feel better, sometimes not realizing people can’t make them better. They end up screwing up\over other wise good people.

Finally, popcorn solutions are a huge problem. Anyone spending any time online can read “Five Ways to make Him …” or “Ten ways to tell she’s not into you.” Anybody can write anything for advice and people gobble it up. No one wants to take the time to figure out life and people. Just follow someone else’s bad advice and screw up your own. Plus all the stuff about dating apps and porn you mentioned is spot on. The truth about life, relationships, love, sex, and the keys to happiness is illusive.

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