I enjoyed this read immensely. I felt like you were writing about my experiences. Craigslist, Ashley Madison, other dating sites where men are……..tends to be the same types of behavior. The internet apparently makes men giddy and I suppose allows them to let their guards down to get that inner freak out.

It was young and old men. Professional and blue collar men. Dick is overrated. It is indeed abundant. And because of dicks over saturation in the online dating and fuck buddy app markets, it’s of no value. I wish men would think about how they behave online like they do in the devaluation of our currency.

We still have to use it, even when it’s not as valuable. People dump it to invest in other currencies with better value, or hold onto it until the value increases again, choosing to sit out of the game. That’s what women online filtering the dick’s dicks are doing. That’s how we feel.

That’s dick right now in my life, and it forced my hand at trying women lol! Dick is abundant and of low value.

I love this post!!!!!

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | www.marleyisms.com | www.ko-fi.com/marleyk | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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