I feel the same way Charles and I love your visual. I see things the exact same way. These folks are snakes, syncophants, co-workers, ministers, our favorite athletes, our soul singers. I was floored at the people who supported that man. I mean it really felt like someone kicked me in stomach. I can’t sugarcoat it. White people are still trying to talk us up and down a tree about we’re misinterpreting their support for Trump.

This moment is why wrote that piece about not allowing White people to dictate to us about what is and what isn’t racist. They don’t know who they really are half the time, the other time they know but the sociopath in them makes them lie and gaslight just like Trump.

The best thing about Trump’s presidency is that he showed us how White people operate behind the scenes. He was a thug/gangster who didn’t give a shit. The GOP have always been the lawless/racist party. Them doing what they’ve done is no surprise to those of us from the South and those familiar with Southern Strategy/Lowest White Man politics. We’re just stuck in a bad way, and White people don’t want to admit it. Keep promising and lying hoping we’ll buy it until they achieve their goals.

I’m skeptical about this presidency as I’ve said from day one. I saw where Chuck Schumer was going to introduce a bill that would undo the harm Biden’s Crime Bill did within his first 100 days in office.

Well, that’s nice, but what about the racist police who will avenge anything undone on Black and Brown people in the streets? Like, White people just don’t get it, and I have so little faith in their ability to lead. I’ve heard no solutions on how to address the nation’s Racism Pandemic. The old White women of the Democratic Party’s Leadership are already pandering to White working-class voters so they can retain their seats (= White power). There is a real battle in the party and the People of Color are holding on White politicians like Pelosi accountable for their ignoring issues that impact us directly, putting the party before the people.

Both parties conduct business the same way. People are starting to pay attention more and are seeing neither party has our best interests at heart, and casual racism has been the reason.

We need to clean house, then tear down the house. Their isn’t an institution in America that doesn’t need dismantling, including the media. If it’s too White, it ain’t right! Period.

I’m still gathering myself, but my focus is shifting for sure brother. I understand you not being able to gather yourself or write. I haven’t really felt like it either. I’ve started some stuff and stopped, but watching all this joy disturbs me because we have the same scenario Obama had. An uncooperative Senate with Mitch McConnell leading it.

It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for sure.

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