I feel the same way, especially with kids. If they apologize for the same thing twice, I let them have it usually at the horror of their parents (lol). I ask them do they remember the first time they apologized for the same thing, and they usually answer yes. After that, I tell them to keep their apology because they didn’t mean it from the first time. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing the same thing over and over. I ask them to show me they are sorry by not doing whatever it is again. They go away with their feeling hurt, but I don’t care. Don’t grow up to be a bullshitter is my goal. I’m not sure why parents allow their kids to act this way, they think it’s cute. It’s not.

All it does is groom little con artist to become big con artist. I hate insincere apologies. Thank you for speaking the truth about how apologies should be delivered.

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