I feel ya. I’m right there with ya. There is nothing new happening. I’m not getting myself excited. Been to this movie before. White Nationalists are running this country and White liberals have found a good answer for preventing these people from such power grabs because they are one in the same.

We voters are being set up. The Dems have dragged this thing out until a year before the election, and decided to have hearings knowing the senate won’t vote to remove Trump. So we’re going to be left with a dangerous, evil, White Supremacist who has yet again gotten away with crimes and no one can do anything about it.

He’s going to angry and want revenge. And he’s going to get it too. Trump is winning. He’s won so much for evil that the wins are almost immeasurable at this point. He’s exploited every crack, with the help of his cronies (because he’s too dumb to do all this). And we forget about the hundreds of evil White men standing by his side supporting White power and a Whiter America. Once you see White people on either side of the aisle, you can’t unsee them. The system is work exactly the way White men designed it. Not for them!

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