I found his outburst beautiful and refreshing because it’s something I had the displeasure of witnessing my father go through dealing with my evil, villainous mother. I had empathy for him because men taught to be strong, don’t talk, take all kinds of shit, and not let it impact your financially or emotionally. Some women are bitches and don’t want men to move on, don’t want men to be happy and they use kids as the life disruptor.

If moma ain’t happy, nobody is going to be happy.

I found it disturbing how Hollywood bashed Tyrese instead of embracing him as he experienced something millions of Black men go through annually. While I do think there is a deeper issue he’s dealing with surrounding his emotional health and his upbringing, we deserve to have bad days. Tyrese’s mess could help another brother make it through his child custody/child support mess. Perhaps women got the opportunity to see what men feel/ experience when dealing with custody issues. Child custody cases are taxing, it’s costly, it’s not productive, they hurt the kid(s), and they leave scars for life. They are unforgettable.

I still remember all the vindictive shit my mom did to keep me away from my dad. We talked about it this past week when I went home for my grandma’s funeral. My dad saved all of the court documents showing how petty my mom was. The one thing Tyrese’s meltdown showed as that he loved his kid and it highlights his willingness to fight. And trust me, those things matter. Mom is always talking about money while dad is talking about being in our lives. After a while, the message becomes clear what was needed and what we lacked. Great piece of the messiness of life my friend. It made me reflect on my childhood of court battles and threats.