I get exactly what you’re saying and you’re right again. I’ve just been laying the ground work trying to dismantle some of the political talking points used to divide us like feminism, reparations, criminal justice systems, political parties/ideologies, education, etc. As you’ve pointed out, in each of the institutions equality can’t happen until equity has been attained by underrepresented/underfunded populations and communities.

This is such a layered, long-term, and intentional gutting of American systems and ways of thinking. Dismantling it is very hard. But by taking the time to highlight the inequality in many of our most beloved systems (i.e. USDA, HUD, then offering radical solutions (equity) that will eliminate those inequalities I feel it’s the best way to win people over. It’s hard to get people to change, especially older people. And when you have groups who will lose power, leverage, and resources — there will always be push back.

I’m hoping enough good (yet ignorant) people will come to the light and see how America loses when we don’t think in terms of equality and equity. We’re all better off when the two are addressed together. Only then can we claim we’re a true democracy. I love how you think.

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