I get where you’re coming from, but let me give you another perspective. Trump was racist since Obama with birtherism, utter disrespect while in office, and your White GA friend still voted for him. They voted him despite seeing him come down the escalator vilifying illegal immigrants. Those people detained are having their kids snatched and adopted by Whites for god knows what purpose, and children, men and women are telling horrific stories of rapes which are occurring as we type. Trump told the White person in GA what he would do. The cruelty was the point. They voted for him anyway, at the expense (always) of Black and Brown people. We watched the same man. We heard the same words, yet White people like the GA person voted for him anyway. He gets to “redo" his vote, but what about those children? What about those raped in detention? What about those killed? What about anyone killed in the name of Trump? This is why I don’t have any hope. Even if this person regrets casting that vote, what are they going to do meaningful to repair the damage done.


I feel the same for the conservative who jumped ship and didn’t elect him. What role in setting the table did this individual have prior to a Trump presidency? Were the Tea Party? Did they engage in the overt racism,disrespect of Obama, gin’n up an angry base, hate “illegals,” support and tote ridiculous conspiracy theories (i.e. Obama was the anti-christ), supporting pro-White legislation? Trump just didn’t come, he came and his bed was already made to sleep in by conservatives and racist. Even if they didn’t vote for Trump, they willfully contributed to all roads that made his presidency possible. What is this person doing to repair or make whole the harm done by this presidency.


This is why I have no hope. Lives are destroyed and lost, people were blind but now they see, but no one is going to do any taking responsibility or changing. As soon as a closeted, moderate racist runs, their back in the game. We’ve done this dance too long Sherry Kappel, so I write to show the ways we are harmed. I’m not waiting on White people to change or do the right thing. I can’t hope them to better. They are reliably and consistently bad for the lives of Black and Brown folks.

I have hope that Black people will wake up one day and forsake capitalism, the American dream, religions, and systems and institutions which don’t work for us.

There aren’t enough good White people to convince the bad ones to change. They can’t even listen to people like me who are explaining all the ways they harm us. All things must be centered on them, their needs, and their feelings. Until this changes, I have no hope for White people. Just waiting on folks of color and Blacks to wake up.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫| www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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