I Got The Shutdown Blues- Day 20: Gripe #2

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I’m Trying to Kill Time

I go to YouTube to stream Bad Bunny’s new CD ‘X100 PRE,’ specifically 200 MPH, NI BIEN NI MAL and MIA (shout out to struggling Puerto Ricans also left to figure life how to survive because your government gave you middle fingers. I know how you feel). I have no idea what he’s saying, but it sure sounds like how I feel and Latin Trap/Reggaeton makes all things better in South Florida. It’s not for everybody, but some days though, some of us just have to thug it out to make it through a day. Today is one of those days for me.

This Is So Unfair

Donald Trump’s presidency is the manifestation of all things unfair, racist, unequal, and wrong with America. This weekend, many people won’t be getting a regular paycheck. I wonder if the bastard billionaire is donating his monthly salary to food banks or charities that will help people unable to pay their bill because of his shutdown?

It Looks and Feels Like Slavery

These American government shutdowns are the closest thing to slavery I’ve seen since slavery was abolished. Many federal workers are working for free (without pay). The Plantation owner is telling his slaves to make a way, ignore your pain and lack. Wait for a savior and one day you’ll get what you deserve.

An Immigrant’s Perspective

If you can look at America and say with a clear conscience this is the best, strongest country in the world, you clearly have been brainwashed like the rest of the poor people immigrating here. I point to the writings of Kitty Hannah Eden, an immigrant from France, and Kamga Tchassa, an immigrant from Cameroon for their eye-opening depictions of what America is really like. They have realized quickly the America they hear about back home and the America they are gifted with when they arrive here aren’t the same thing.

How Chasing The American Dream Kills

Allow me to share with you the stories of New York Taxi Drivers who are committing suicide due to financial problems and stress trying to make it navigate capitalism, the gig economy, and free markets. For a few to prosper, a lot of us get screwed! That’s the American way.

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