I had a similar experience, but I had a really good friend who went with me even though she was opposed to my choice. I was so sick on the way home I had to pull over and puke. Like you I was in my early 20s.

I remember the path leading to the clinic. Old righteous White men and women screaming at me, holding picket signs of fetuses, religious scriptures, and religious pamphlets they were trying to force into my hands. They were intrusive. It was scary, and unforgettable.

My procedure was quick. The staff was nice. My friend was by my side the entire time. We laughed about the stupid assed White people attempting to force their will and beliefs on me. Like you, I knew what was best for me. My sons father was dying from Gulf War Syndrome. No one cared about my plight or well-being outside the clinic.

I can’t imagine you going through that alone. I’m so sorry you didn’t have a friend to help you carry your burden. It hurts to know you endured it alone.

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