I had a very heated argument with my partner about this topic. I’m the lifetime advocate. She is a cop. I have seen victims dragged through the mud and used for political gain more times than I can shake a stick at. Blasey-Ford was used by the Democratic Senators for their 2020 bids. Most of the most ferocious interrogators were former prosecutors and also presently running for President. Everybody’s profile has been raised, and Blasey-Ford is no longer a topic of discussion. That’s just how that shit works on Main Street in your town every single day. But back to the point.

The argument was on whether to tell or not to tell. Because rarely is justice ever served, what’s the point in disclosing was my point. I’m very honest and upfront with victims which is something many people including the cops don’t do. Prosecution rates are low(just check with your local prosecutor’s office). I used Blasey-Ford, parents of child victims who don’t have the resources to do what Dr. Blasey-Ford has done for herself as examples. The burden always fall no the victim. There are few protections prior to a trial, no privacy, and the entire process is political. Disclosing is simply not safe. Neither is attempting to seek justice, especially after the statute of limitations has expired. It is what it is.

With the internet, 24-hour news cycles, and records of arrests and police reports made public, victims aren’t safe. Victims should weigh ALL of the pros and cons before disclosing, and be prepared for the backlash that comes with choosing fleeting justice. The same people bashing on social media also sit on juries. All victims need to keep that in mind as well. Safe spaces are needed, but safe spaces are rare. I advise seeking a local rape crisis center and finding people who are supportive. Why subject yourself to abuse and death threats by crazies? We must be wise with our stories, especially when perps are high profile rapists, predators, and pedophiles.

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