I had to stop watching all of those crazy dystopian movies because of what you describe. I think it’s more of they want to separate themselves from the atrocities they’ve helped incite (i.e. Hitler/Nazism). There is nothing new under the sun, and their little scare tactics won’t work on us this go round. We know our Whites, and we are not going to be Master’s tools this go round.

It’s pretty amazing they can’t see why Black and Brown voters are so dispondent this election cycle. It literally feels like the end of the civil rights era for us. We know if Trump gets away with putting some Brown people in cages he’ll put all of us in cages. White people don’t get it and they never get it because none of these things ever really impact them.

Whites have already moved on from the children in cages being raped and tortured by White CBP officials. They’ve moved on from the courts being tied up with racist and inept attorneys who have never tried a case. They’ve moved on from voter suppression. They’ve moved on from the natives fighting to keep oil magnates from taking their lands. And if they haven’t moved on, they’ve missed what’s happening all together. They seem unable to connect dots and see the big picture for humanity’s sake.

America stays in the midst of fascism and White people never know it because they make sure it never touches them. Most people just want to survive and live at peace. No one is thinking about retribution, I know I’m not. But most White people are so self-centered and so focused on self-preservation, that’s all they can come to in any situtation, how will they be harmed.

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