I hated being the help when I was a kid. It wasn’t that I was needed that bothered me, it was that it was never made palatable for me to comprehend as a kid. There was also a lot of disrespect. Today I’m grateful for every lesson given because I’m super resourceful, I’m a great cook, I can fix and biuld stuff, I know how to use tools, paint, go to the hardware store without looking crazy, maintain my car, and I know how to locate all that I need to live on my own. I taught my sons the same way, I didn’t have daughters. I had them earn the things they wanted. I provided what they needed. I call that parenting. I don’t want my kids to be someone’s nightmare.

People don’t raise their children with this mindset. There is nothing worse than your child coming home complaining about an inept roommate, partner or spouse who can’t cook, clean, or care for anything because their parents treated them like a fragile piece of cheap toilet paper. It indeed costs more for those people to live.

Raise your kids today of they’ll make someone else sorry and miserable tomorrow.

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