I have gone to two different Haitian restaurants in Miami and my experience was similar. I wrote about my experience. Haitian people do not like outsiders in their community, and outsiders get outsider treatment.

If you cannot speak their language and don’t know about the food, you’re going to get nasty treatment and stares. I shop in their communities on a rare in an effort to shop small, but the rudeness I experience from both men and women are such a put off I don’t even bother. They have a type of privilege about them. They were free from colonialism longer, and they feel we Blacks in America have it good. We don’t struggle like the African descendants in , so they dislike us. Add colorism and it’s a wrap.

I said all that to say, your assessment was correct, but they are much more complicated people. Good for you for having that piece of insight. But please don’t feel bad about the way you were treated because every one else not Haitian coming from outside their tight knit community gets same looks of disgust lol. They are equal opportunity haters.

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