I have had a few friends like that. It’s really annoying. Eventually, I fall back and stop talking to them. I get tired of fighting for air time. I also get tired of competing to be heard, trying to have my concerns validated, and waiting to simply vent. It’s not good long-term. People like that talk, but you end up not caring about what they redirect their attention to. Your mind wonders, you fester because the person is so selfish and inconsiderate, and then you simply find this person not to be pleasurable. The sad thing is these people are often lonely (because they run people off), and they tend to be very generous (will give you the shirts off of their backs). That part bugs me…and causes me distress.

They can be good friends, but bad friends at the same time. You just have to do the pros and cons and roll with it. I have kept some friends and left some friends like this. No regrets…it’s just another sacrifice or compromise we all make to be in relationships. You did a fantastic job breaking this down for us. We all know at least one person like this.

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