I have no idea Michelle, I really wish I knew. I’m not sure if the poverty prior to coming here blinds them or if the propaganda of the American dream is all they care about, but it sure as heck puzzles me. Even female foreign nationals who marry military soldiers come here and jump right on the Republican Party’s bandwagon of trickle down as if it’s some token of appreciation without realizing racist, lying, conservatives only care White people. White men to be exact, with White women closing in close second. Anyone else is a token. And when conservative racists get tired of feel other immigrant groups are threats, they’ll turn on them. They always do.

I’m not sure people come from communist and socialist countries and latch on to our fake democracy and capitalism, along with conservatism and racism. They’ll learn the hard way. History repeats itself when folks don’t learn the lesson the first time. Immigrant communities will learn, the hard way.

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