I have tossed in my towel on America — she has given up the ghost. The propaganda has worked, white supremacy reigns as it always has, and there aren’t enough good white people and strong white people in leadership to battle the bullies. This in all actuality is nothing new for people of color. It’s the same old ugly we’ve (people of color/Blacks) been presented with for 400 years and counting. We’ve never had a democracy, because Black Americans have only had the right to vote for less than 100 years. I wish you guys would stop propping up the founders as some great people. They weren’t shit!

They were descendants of tax evaders and land thieves, slave owners, and hypocrites who did not believe all men were created equal. They said it, but they didn’t live it.

The future was always our present…if you’re a non-White person and White men have ALWAYS behaved this way. It’s nothing new. Just look at all 50 states. We were always the shit-hole nation state we love to call other nations. Our mask is just off now.

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