I have worked in these systems for nearly 20 years from federal levels to local levels to the the nonprofit sector. When I tell poor and middle class people people, especially Black people, there isn’t a such thing as an American dream, they get angry at me. They tell me I’m being negative and then they tell me about some long-shot one in a million celebrity story. People just don’t get it. The playing field isn’t equal or fair.

Can we finally tell the truth? The American Dream is a lie, because it’s unattainable and unachievable for certain people. Education does not equal the playing field, because there is a secret team within a team playing on the same field — and the secret team has paid all the coaches and refs off to ensure they get all the playing time, all the shine, and to make sure they win.

We need to really stop telling kids and parents they can be whatever they want. No they can’t! We can only be what these systems allow us to be. And that’s the truth! I appreciate your honesty and the data to support the critique of the America higher education system.

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