I just had this discussion with my girlfriend this weekend. She was offended because I said that just because her kids got good grades didn’t mean they were smart, it just meant they knew how to take and pass test and satisfy academic qualifications to graduate or earn “something.” She went on to tell me her kids were smart. I pointed out how they lacked emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, and plain old common sense. The simplest things they need to come ask her how to do, instead of using their brains to learn how to do it by themselves. She doesn’t make them do anything, nor does she teach them the same things her mom taught her. It’s like she is concerned about being their friend and being liked. In essence, her failure to teach critical thinking at home and develop their emotional intelligence have crippled her kids. The are like co-dependent addicts.

I also saw the same things when I worked in the local community college in my area. Man young adults can’t speak in coherent, complete sentence. They don’t know how to ask for what they need or what. Can’t do anything without help. Can’t even use a phone book or catalog. It’s very sad how parents send their kids off into the world with the expectation that school will solve their problems and teach them everything. Sad indeed.

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