I just love how you picked out a random statistic that has nothing to do with what I wrote to substantiate white ignorance.

White people are scary because they’ve done so much evil. It’s like bad kids or criminals. When you do so much bad stuff and dirt, you’re always looking over your shoulder for pay back, trying to avoid the cops, hope you don’t get back what they’ve done to others.

White people have some nerve being scared of other people. They should be afraid every time they look in the mirror. They should fear what they can’t see in themselves, and they should stop denying what too many people around the globe say about them. It’s true.

They’ve created so much of what is bad in the world today. Industrialized the world. Ushered in globalization. Contributed to global warming. Enslaved people. Destabilized nations, regions, and continents globally. Killed innocent Brown and Black people for oil, diamonds, other natural resources, and just for being black, brown, poor and alive (never mind they’re the cause of it). The theft of oil fields globally. Stolen and appropriated cultures. Prevented people from being educated. Literally allowing people to starve to death. Created diseases, unleashed them onto innocent people nationally and globally, withholding cures. Food source tampering. Colonialism and forced assimilation. And that’s just some of the stuff “blessed be the rock” White America has done to people and the globe.

Yeah, White people should be afraid of Black people alright. They should be afraid of all people. If you’ve done as much evil as they have, they are likely always worried about comeuppances. Instead of learning and teaching their offspring about stranger danger, they probably should start teaching how they are a danger to others. The biggest lie White people tell each other is that other people are threats to them and that they should fear other non-White (and specifically Black people). White people commit more crimes than any other race in America, and they are the biggest threats to the peace, safety, freedom, and stability of others directly and indirectly.

Not sure where you dug up an interracial dating violence statistic with such large swaths of people reporting such a thing. But okay.

But I’m sure you don’t see it that way. You’ve already shared your situational and transactional anti-Blackness with me before. I got the picture. No need to keep trying to convince me you’re not like most other Whites.

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