I just want you to know that I have laughed so hard I’m crying at your translations.

You are a true comedian and a gifted writer. I read your list and shook my head the entire time. I read it to a few of my friends and in between cracking up, at least one person (most times more than one) in my group identified with every single scenario on your list. It’s so nice to have our experiences validated. We have to laugh about the stupidty to keep from crying about the frequency of occurences.

I’m so sorry you have endured so many stupid things said to you. Sadly, the people who should be apologizing are busy being “not all White people,” and ignoring our stories instead of reflecting and trying to do better. It’s the story of our lives.

I feel your pain, I share your struggle, and I am thankful your were able to share with my readers some of the other ridiculously coded things White people say to us. The translations of the foolery were the best part.

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