I keep trying to tell my friends this! I taught my kids to depend on no man to determine when, what, and how they eat. While they did take the traditional education track, I was the recipient of layoffs via NAFTA in the late 80’s early 90’s. That one bill destroyed us. We found it harder and harder to find jobs, and we had to travel farther to get to them which in turn resulted in less family time, more gas and wear and tear on our vehicles, and less take wages.

Then, education was forced upon we older unemployed adults again (after getting our forced original education) in order to rejoin the workforce in some new job that the government had forecasted as the next new hot thing in the next 10–15 years from now. Biggest crock of BS EVER. I had a chance to work in a community college for 10 years and I learned the truth behind education. People are so programmed that they can’t understand that they will NEVER be rich or happy working for someone else determining your worth, when you work and your future earning potential. Your destiny will always be in the hands of policy makers and politicians who have their own sinister plans and agendas.

We are being trained to be screwed everyday we sit in at Pre-K-Postsecondary Ed classroom. Credit, capitalism, education, homeownership. We are being taught to be consumers sheep as soon as we are born, and not the creators of our own wealth. Be the employee (slave) and rarely the employer (the owner or generator of wealth). Education has a place in our society, but it should the weight that it does in our livess.

This was a wonderful thought. And I am thankful to have come in contact with another freethinker. I love this piece!

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