I knew exactly what Biden meant. And while he used a very poor example for his reaching across the isle to work with racists and segregationists, his point was made. This is an overblown matter.

My dad is still alive and he recounts all the ways he was disrespected as s black boy and man in America. My dad is is almost 70 and says lots if inappropriate things today because the times have changed and due to his age.

The man came from a different time period what the Dems are doing is a form of censorship and ageism. Why do we have to have perfect candidates who say all the right stuff? Biden says things that are insensitive all the time and so does my dad but I know what he means and he means no malice. If we keep this mess up we are going to end up with Trump in 2020.

Old man smoke needs old man smoke. Trump and Biden are two men from the same era.

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