I know we’re not okay. We’re tired. But we have earned the right to drag White people for eternity. You cannot trust them to do the right thing, and when you give them a choice, they’ll show you. We gotta stand in line for hours to save the shithole while they get to walk in with ease to vote for racism.

I’m tired too, but as you’ve said we cannot rest because Biden and Harris owe us. They can keep talking about working class Whites but they aren’t coming back. Let them motherfuckers go! They are nothing but cry babies and progress blockers anyway.

So yeah, like you I’m hurt, I’m angry, tired, but I gotta work for my grandbabies and my sons gotta know I did my best to make life better for them. We’ve always been pro-Black, but we getting ready to be fire.

As for Jamie, I was so hurt, but ain’t nothin more stubborn than a poor, racist White person. They’ll live in squalor and remain impoverished, unemployed, abandoned, and live in under funded communities because a White dude has an R behind his name promising gold instead of trying a Black male Democrat who can go to bat for them.

I lived in Greenwood for 20 years (Lindsey Graham’s former hometown). They still have segregated VFWs, separate White and Black memorials for veterans of foreign conflicts, and in Abbeville the klan still marches. The Lakelands is racist and segregated af, and I knew it would be hard for Jamie, but I had to bet on Black. I don’t regret any money I spent. He was the better candidate. You just can’t trust White people to do the right thing. I want young Black people to feel they can run and run against White Supremacy and beat it.

I’m rockin with Tone and Yvette. Thus far, they provide the best pathway for ADOS to move forward. I just want reparations. They owe us. Cut that check. I have demands and I see their method of politicking as the only viable way to succeed in this country moving forward. They use data. They are rooted in facts. I love Yvette. She’s the bomb. ADOS started grassroots. They understand politics and White people, and they have credibility. I took a break from them when they had the bickerings with Tariq Nasheed. My nerves can’t take Black folk slandering one another for no good reason, but it had it’s purpose and it revealed the character of many Black folks in fraudulent movements, with fraudulent motives, and gatekeepers. I’m not supporting anyone from now on not doing the work. We need a Super PAC, when need an ADOS lobbying agency and we need to figure out how to move US forward. America is not going to change. We can’t keep being friends with the enemies. ADOS needs their own party and we need a legitimate vehicle that can give demands and translate for the people. Dems are going to lose our best and brightest because they love POC tokenism. I see them.

If we had our own viable political party option that got results, Dems would lose alot of Black support. Black people are tired, but there is nowhere else to go. It’s gonna take time, but I’m investing in Black people. I’ll still do antiracism, but my entire focus is changing. I see clearly. I’ve given chances and I’m tired of being disrespected and let down. This shit is as old as slavery.

It’s a new day. You rest, and trust me, we are on the same page. American politics is like chess. We gotta play better, demand more, and move like WP when we don’t have our needs addressed.

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