I know you are so right, but I have become so disillusioned by politics and government at all levels I could literally puke.

I have worked for political campaigns, I have donated to candidates, I have friends who are politicians, and I make decisions about how and where federal monies are allocated. If I must compare Evangelicals to anything, they are the merchants and money changers Jesus kicked out of the temple. They are thieves who steal from the poor, widows and orphans, the very people Jesus commanded them to care for. The church has allowed the state to come in, tainting everything it ever stood for.

I have my popcorn waiting on Jesus to show up and bust up the party. If he doesn’t, well I suspect we all will know there isn’t really a sky daddy coming to save us! Evangelicals are nothing more than a reincarnation of religion from the Colonial Era, the same era that used religion to steal, enslave and kill people, steal lands, and rob wealth from otherwise thriving nations. Evangelicals view themselves as liberators, when in fact they are enslavers like most religions are.

I am trying so hard to muster up the strength to vote this year…gritting teeth, holding my nose, and ignoring what I know and see with my own eyes. It seems hoping for the best is a waste of time. I feel like we should be preparing for the worst, or at least doing both at the same time lol. You make valid points, and again, I know you’re right, but…(as I reach for my antacids)

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