I learned something new about you and I love you more. You are so rich, you have a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share. I’m happy to know you. We all share different attributes that make us unique. It’s that God in us that allows us to see the beauty (respectfully) in our uniqueness. This is a wonderful reminder about staring, and great insight into how people with Dwarfism must feel when they see us. I knew an entire family in my old hometown (they were Black) and I was blessed enough to work with one of the gentleman back during my days in manufacturing.

He was good folk as we say back home. Hardworking, funny, a little hot headed at times, a great dad and a respectful person. I also saw him out in his daily life and I noticed how he sort of hardened in order to get through his day dealing with the stares, looks, and lack of respect for manhood. His did the same. Thank you for confirming what I thought I saw. I was never brave enough to ask him.

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