I liked this essay, but it glossed over a lot of details which prevent Blackand People of Color from voting, like the hundreds of thousands of voters being purged before each national elections (especially since 2008), trickery like moving polling places so residents can’t get to them, voter intimidation at polling places and the fact politics historically pertaining to Black people was and is ALWAYS about control our Black bodies and actions. We were meant to be property, not have rights. Generations later many White men are still pissed about that and they do what they can to make life miserable for us.

To say all you’ve said without noting that Black voter turnout and apathy can be directly linked to state voter suppression, voter purging from rolls, unfair redistricting, voter ID laws that strip Native Americans on tribes and older Blacks not born in hospitals of their rights, gerrymandering, etc., is quite disappointing. And when we talk about homeownership, let’s talk about how we are continually pushed out our homes by the banking industry shams loan products that caused the 2007-08 crash, or lenders refusing to give us loans to buy where we pay property taxes and are counted/respected. The game is always rigged in favor of White Americans. It always has been, it always will be.

Black people have a reason not to think our votes don’t count or matter, and to pretend just continuing to go vote Democratic will make it all better for us is so disingenuous and unfair. To disregard our feelings and lack of tangibles in order to keep Trump from getting a second term is pretty cold-blooded. This vote blue matter no matter what in 2020 is really falling flat on lots of people of color, especially voters under the age of 50. We aren’t our parent’s generation. The party better learn to break down the differences in every ethnic group, because we are different. All of us.

Saying vote blue no matter what to a historically disenfranchised citizen is the equivalent of saying we hear your feelings but screw you, and oh yeah we don’t care some of y’all are still fighting to vote. In fact we care so little we don’t even acknowledge it’s a thing. It’s erasure. It says to us I’m okay and what I say is all that matters.

My poor father is in SC right noe checking his registration monthly because he knows about the games politicians play. How does the party ignore this, and why are victims being blamed for not showing up, having apathy, or not trusting the government? We don’t show up for frauds and disingenuous folks. We vote differently and candidates don’t want to spend the time working to gain that trust. It’s their loss. We are the ones who have been abused, bullied, lied to, and let down. Candidates need to learn how to work with trauma victims and people with PTSD, because that’s what most the Black and Brown base of the Democratic party are. We’re trauma victims and some of us have PTSD (post traumatic slavery disorder). We know America better than most.

Telling us to vote no matter what or to keep voting regardless of lack of tangibles is not really allyship. It amounts to bullying and control.

Believe me, we know how the system works. We’d love to fully participate in it. Unfortunately, the way America was set up, she just won’t allow us all to. And that’s the real tea nobody in the Democratic party wants to hear. Just because they deny it doesn’t make it a lie.

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