I live in FL and I was one of the first to test the door bell pre Amazon purchasing the company. It was fine, no issues. Add Big Brother overreaching Amazon to the mix with the Neighbors thingy and OMG it’s a disaster. My partner has a newer Ring doorbell along with that Neighborhood watch app and I can’t tell you how much racists we get from our scary senior citizen and privileged suburban neighbors. If a car drives by too slow, we get a notice. If a Brown kid knocks on the door, we get a notice to be spooked. One day someone took a fruit from someone’s tree and we got a notification. It is a pain in the ass, and the app causes people to mind business they shouldn’t be minding. Somethings are not report worthy, but these folks don’t see to be able to know when and when not to report something suspicious. It’s the worst thing ever. The technology is heavily abuses, creates a false sense of security, spies on people, and is used to racially profile.

Nothing good is going to come from this technology. Someone is going to get killed because some scary ass is going to shoot first and ask questions later, then claim they stood their ground. Smh

This was a great piece and is very helpful. I’m archiving it. In 3–5 years, I can see something really bad happening and lots of lawsuits because the technology has no way of preventing racial profiling and abuse. I will be able to review this piece to recall your prophesy.

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