I live in the South too and I was Christian for about 10 years (I never fit in so I removed myself). I am also a constitutionalist (sometimes, lol) and I always wondered why Christians got prayer preferences for high school football games, public school prayers, and council meetings. I always loved when people challenged the status quo. Most times they’d find a way to skirt the challenges, but there were a few times the ACLU got involved and the status quo did away with prayers and Christian religious practices so that Atheists and others couldn’t have the same freedoms and privileges they enjoyed. I have seen a few people Christian cut up something terrible when non-believers would ask to exercise their rights. I’d laugh because of how ignorant (or the proper word is privileged) they were. It amazes me how Christians will allow their personal religious beliefs to supersede the laws of the land and the rights of others.

Asking people to pray without permission is so rude. Good for you for standing up to biased religious practices. If they are never challenged they will continue to believe they are right.

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