I lived with colorism. My mom and grandma belittled my brother because he had darker skin. He’s almost 50 and still talks about it. She always called him “black-ass.” I didn’t understand where this came from for decades until I started getting into antiracism and White Supremacy. We passed the paper bag test. My brother didn’t. It changed how I viewed skin complexion and men. It’s extremely disgusting. I would love to talk about it more, but it’s a hard subject to tackle, especially how all men engage in it. Girrrrrllllllllll! You have my mind racing.

This has me thinking about during the civil rights era and how Black men like Sammy Davis Jr. Harry Belafonte, Quincy Jones, and other actors and entertainers were pro Black but married White women. It just never set well with until I read something Quincy Jones (I think) said privately to other men trying to be successful and that thing was Black women didn’t help them. White and Jewish women were the accessory needed to open doors. I was floored.

“If I Had Interviewed Quincy Jones, I Would’ve Asked Him About His Views On Colorism And…” by Ezinne Ukoha https://link.medium.com/gqTnoZxGYab

Black women can help you get to the Promisedland, but as soon as you arrive you gotta have a White woman. Same thing. Color/race is at the center of everything. We need to hash this out. There are a lot of paths to take, but it needs to be discussed. We are ruining our emotional wellbeing trying to live up to standards set by colonizers. I’m tired.

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