I love, appreciate and value your thoughts. Thank you for understanding my perspective and having the ability to see my perspective without being offended. Women of color (especially women of African descent) globally are silenced every day, and too many White women have no issue in aiding in our silence by hijacking our movements, stealing our voices, and ignoring when we are brutalized, killed, trafficked, beaten, or economically oppressed via discrimination.

White women, White feminist in particular must work for all or be quiet!

I wish there was a consistent movement of White women helping women of color which doesn’t consist of being relegated to some charity works (i.e. leading NPOs in poor communities and nations and speaking for people they know nothing about), adoption, feel-good-stories, “voices of reason and advocacy,” or asking us to join a “fight” started by White women that simply includes women of color, with a token face being a non-White women of Indian, Jewish or Asian descent to fill their old tired “diversity” quota. Women of color have caught on to the shallowness and selfishness of these types of movements, it’s nothing more than tokenism. We want really want to be allies, and we want safety.

Many women of color fear White women because they are so predictable. We know what White women are going to do before they do it, just like we know the actions of White men. The actions are one in the same.

Too many times we’ve tried only to get the same results…getting placed at the back of the line.

White women must examine themselves, their motives, and discuss how much they really have taken on the role of being the upholders of patriarchy, oppressors of Women of Color and racism without Women of Color being in the mix. We’ve also learned our words are not respected.

If White Women aren’t willing to look inward, evaluating the systems as well as their footprint that also leads to our oppression, then it’s hopeless. I appreciate your ability to see and your willingness to work on change. I pray you can wake up other women in your circles to help them understand how they enable oppression and our silencing. It going to take all of us. The world is watching.

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