I. Love. How. You. Think.

You have said many of the things I think, and sometimes I say aloud — except I get chewed out for being racist, selfish, in support of segregation, you name it. It’s not any of those things, but after working in the public sector and in politics for nearly 20 years I just keep seeing the same patterns. People hate us. They don’t want to be us, but they love our money.

We help every group get rich and stay rich, move into nice communities and send their kids to public schools and then do nothing for our own communities.

We’re always torn. Should we join a movement that wasn’t started by us which kinda sorta briefly mentions some of issues — only to help lift up someone other than us. We’re always last. Always the stepping stone. Reminds a lot of being the help, the wet nurse, or a housekeeper. We help everyone and all we get in return is disrespect. It’s a struggle.

I guess the bottom line is nearly all people are selfish, except us. We’ve be trained to play nice and to be friends in order to get crumbs. When you take inventory for all other strong communities, they are almost self-maintained. I live in Fort Lauderdale close to a huge Jewish community, the largest in FL and the second largest in wealth America from my understanding. The large Jewish federation compound is two blocks from my home. They have stores, banks, real estate companies, grocers, schools — for several miles. I got to the Pita shop nearby — nothing but Jewish people coming in and out. They support their own, and the food isn’t cheap. No matter the price, they spend their money with their own people.

Haitians do it. Cubans do it. Africans do it. Guatemalans do it. Mexicans do it. Everyone does it except us. Everyone who comes here have a communal mindset. Circle the wagons and protect the community. Put meaningful things in the community that their people can afford to consume and need to survive. We don’t have that mindset.

I have studied Marcus Garvey, Dr. King, and some of the other greats and before they died, it seemed each had the same epiphany you had. We need to practice group economics and self-care (caring for us). We have to keep starting over because our leaders continue to be killed. There is enough history and enough road maps for us to figure this thing out, but we are either too afraid of too lazy to get off our butts, invest our money in us and take care of ourselves.

You provided me with some food for thought. I really must consider how we preserve us.

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