I love that sister and I have driven hours to see her years ago. She like many women who refuse to be used pay a huge price for living by our own rules. My heart goes out to her. I have no love for those dog-lapping, Whiteness loving men like Steve Harvey and Charlemagne the God who profit from our demise. It seems the worst thing Monique did was to go to one of her own people for help. We can be our own worst enemy.

The woman is funny, beautiful, smart and inspiring. Black men can be cracked out, philandering pedophiles, and serial cheaters…and make it. Look at Eppsie, Pryor, Red Foxx, the Wayans Bros, terrible Kevin Hart, Ced the Entertainer, Dave Chapelle. It’s a man thing. We can’t do what they do and get the same results. Patriarchy looks out for it’s own. Monique’s plight shows us just how we don’t feed our own. Great essay sis. I appreciate the love you give to this beautiful sister. I hope she reads it.

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