I love the history in Montgomery. I have been a few times to check out the sites, monuments, and historical markers and it’s so disturbing to me how many people never touch the spaces and places that make America. I am planning a trip to this museum this summer thanks to your share. I try to take my adult sons to places where they are able to experience “our” history so they are able to understand and cope with America in 2019. It’s taxing, but as you alluded to in your comment, we don’t teach real American history. That’s a problem for all of us.

If it weren’t for taxes I would happily live abroad, although these days with the rise in hate globally, I’m not sure there is a safe haven for Black Americans. We are hated around the world thanks to the tainting and taunting of colonialism. I try to shine a light on how colonialism is alive and well today and how unwarranted racism and judgement make Black skin more difficult to live in. Thank you so much for your support and the lead to the new museum. I can’t wait to go visit. I don’t know if my poor heart can take that kind of visit though. I could barely stand the African American history museum in DC. But I must study my past so that I can understand my future.

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