I love your honest and I appreciate you sharing such a deeply personal revelation about yourself. I would have to say honestly all women likely binge on something when we go through our stressful times. I am a binge eater when life gets shitty (I love bed time snacks). The differences in body composition allows my secrets not to be seen. I know women who secretly binge on alcohol, binge on exercise (addicted to looking healthy, but they have mental health issues), women who binge on desserts, women who binge on religion, women who binge on sex, and women who binge on NOT eating.

We all have our go-tos. We all have our “afflictions.” And sometimes, we all have our drowning periods. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, think like this…we can see your issues, you just can’t see ours. We all have our own issues, and we deal different ways. I think more women are like you than you realize. We just don’t talk about it. You rock my friend. Sending you air hugs!!!!

Depression is a bitch!!!! Keep fighting my friend.

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