I loved this! You’re a wise thoughtful young person who has seemingly learned in a few short years what take many a lifetime to discover. I came to your epiphany some time ago, in my late 30’s with much regret. I looked back over my life at how dissatisfied I was after punching a portion of the tickets western civilization deems qualities and characteristics of success.

I like you love to write and I have always been good at it, I just never found a way to make a sustainable living from it. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to share a few “Marley-isms” I’ve learned over years.

  1. Find work you love and enjoy, and you’ll be able to do it until you die (if you have to). It will reduce your stress levels, preserve your life, and bring you joy.
  2. Wealth doesn’t equate to success or happiness. Many rich people are still unhappy despite unlimited wealth. Being a well-rounded, decent human-being is more important than getting rich.
  3. Be comfortable with less so a possible fall won’t hurt as much. When we choose non-traditional paths as a means to sustain ourselves, it’s oftentimes a little more challenging, especially during these economic times. Living below your means modestly, not getting caught up in hyper consumerism (every occasion requires a store trip to buy crap you don’t need) ensures you can survive while pursuing a career choice writing to do without relying on others to support you during tough times.
  4. Choose friends, significant others, spouses wisely. If you decide to pursue the non-traditional, your friends will criticize your choices because they aren’t easy, the ability to make a living isn’t certain, or you can’t buy crap that depreciates in value to highlight you’re a good little capitalist pursuing the American nightmare. A significant other/spouse who doesn’t support you when you are broke won’t support when you hit your stride. Choose wisely. Lastly, money and not having money changes people. Picking a person to be by your side who values life, work, money, and life the same way you do will increase the odds of you have a long lasting relationship.
  5. Do you. Discover you. Learn about the world (the real one). Live before you die. Living to just work to make your ends meet is very unsatisfying. Live a satisfying life as you live.

Best wishes on your future pursuits, and enjoy working things out. There is nothing more satisfying for people like us than finding our own strides and living life on our own terms.

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