I loved this! You know I used to do so much for people when I was younger. Always entertaining. Always cooking. Always making it happen. Always paying for stuff. Especially when it came to me living in FL. People never have money for time with you, but they always find money for the things they find important and value. They don’t value us — and I don’t value them anymore either. I don’t call, I don’t text, and I keep to myself.

I recently planned a fish fry dinner with fish I’d caught with one of my partner’s co-workers. The day of the dinner it was raining cats and dogs — but the fish fry was indoors, you’d think people could drive and walk into the house. I baked red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese icing, all the fixing, prepped my wild-caught fish for cooking — and the friend called about an hour before it saying she wasn’t coming because she wasn’t a duck. Then, she had the nerve to say I could just put my food back up and do it another time.

How the hell do you put away a cake? The time, the money, the effort? It will be a cold day in hell’s bathroom before she eats fish at my table lol.

I don’t offer anything for anyone anymore except my best friend. I can go to her house and stay weeks and we eat laugh, cry, shop, and she does the same with me. People are just rude today. Always thinking about themselves. We are special people, we don’t deserve to be treated that way.

Rant over! Love the Hey Y’all lol.

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